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Growers face different pollination challenges that Beeflow can solve

Pollination is not only a bee topic, it is a plant science topic. Pollination happens inside flower's ovaries. Multiple pollination challenges limit the amount of pollen the flowers receive. At Beeflow we developed technologies that increase the amount of bee visits to target flowers.  We have identified 3 main pollination challenges:

Pollination challenge #1

Measure pollination to manage it efficiently

Pollination happens inside flower's ovaries. However, grower's do not measure at a flower level how pollination is going in order to make decisions to manage and optimize this crucial process.
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Pollination dashboard

Beeflow shares pollination analytics with growers to make better crop management decisions together

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Pollination challenge #2

Reduction of bees activity under cold temperatures

Some crops bloom in places where temperatures during mornings or the whole bloom, can be lower than the optimal conditions for bees to stay active, thus reducing flower bee visitation.
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Bee nutrition Feeding Technology
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See the difference at 49°F (9.5ºC)

Grower's standard vs. Beeflow hives (same conditions) in Almond fields, California.

Pollination challenge #3

Bees distracted by non-target flowers during the bloom

Several studies of chemical ecology and honey bee behavior show bees prefer some flowers over others when searching for pollen and nectar.

How can we stimulate bees to pollinate the target crop?
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